Barnie is a female townie, and is one of the shop owners. She is a stylist who can always be found in the hair salon, and sometimes wandering in the town.

Appearance Edit

Barnie is a hamster with pale yellow fur and long, curled, golden hair. She has shiny light brown eyes, and an excited smile on her face. She wears a long red dress with a white apron, and a red headband.

Personality Edit

Barnie loves gossip, and is interested in the personal matters of her fellow townies. She enjoys making her customers look their best; however, she does not think that a pet's appearance is the only factor that contributes to their beauty. Barnie is a big believer in inner beauty, and she values kindness as well as happiness.


Entering the store:

  • "Good day and Welcome~"

In the store:

  • "What brings you here today?"
  • "How may I serve you today?"
  • "Can I help you?"
  • "Please feel free to look around!"

While walking around:

  • "I see beauty in you... show 'em!"

When chatting:

  • "The best person to ask about home decorations will be Philip! His shop is full of amazing stuff!"
  • "Monique loves to drop by for a perm or a chat! She's one of my favorite customers!"
  • "When one has a kind heart, the kindness naturally overflows and brings that beautiful aura to the person."
  • "There is no such thing as an ugly pet! Only lazy ones!"
  • "I'd love to chat but I've got to get back to work! Seems like everyone in town wants a makeover today!"
  • "Still deciding whether to perm or dye Bubble's hair for her concert next week!"
  • "There's this once, Blue asked to shave half of her head and dye it green! What a weird request!"
  • "So today Albert came for a haircut and I was surprised at how much hair he has left!"
  • "Hairdressing is my favorite game and gossip is my middle name!"
  • "I think a heartfelt smile is the best make-up on the face! What can I do to bring a smile to your face?"
  • "I get a lot of special requests for styling hair into whacky shapes! Example, Monique's beehive hair!"
  • "Well, I personally think that Bubbles and Dizzy makes a pretty cute couple!"
  • "Double eyelids make the eyes look bigger, but single eyelids have their sexy charm too! What features do you like?"


  • Visit the salon, tap Barnie, and select "I'm ready for a makeover!" to change your pet's features.