Summary Edit

Dizzy is one of your townies, he is intelligent, shy and kind, but lacks with confidence at times. He is a teal bear With large glasses and a bowl cut hairstyle.

Quotes Edit

Talked to:

"Am s-s-super excited that we've new visitors in town! I can show them my n-new comic c-collection"

"I would l-l-love to h-hang out with Bubbles, but I'm s-s-shy."

"T-time t-to go for a haircut at Barnie's salon! I n-need to look good for my graduation d-day!"

"Wish I c-can be as f-fit as Sarah. She's always hard at work in the g-gym!"

"S-some days, I feel like my house looks like garbage"

Trivia Edit

  • He takes a large interest in astronomy, books, and video games.
  • He labels himself as a 'Nerd', which possibly shows why he has large glasses on his house.
  • The town loves him for being so caring and him helping out by his knowledge if they have trouble!
  • Dizzy may play video games with Biskit