Tips and Tricks: Earning Coins and DiamondsEdit

  • You can earn up to 3000 coins every 4 hours by sharing a photo taken with the screenshot button.
  • Leveling up and upgrading shops will reward you with coins and diamonds. After upgrading a shop with Mojo, you can earn up to 3000 additional coins by selecting the share option.
  • You can earn up to 800 coins every ??? hours by visiting other towns. You'll earn 25 coins each for the first 20 visits, and 10 coins each for the next 30 visits. You will also earn EXP for the first 50 towns you visit.
  • Complete quests. More difficult quests usually reward more coins.
  • For every coin you plant, you will get twice as many coins back when you harvest them. Coin plants take 2 minutes to fully grow. As you level up, the plants will give you even more coins.
  • If you are having trouble harvesting plants, you can hold down a plot and move them around.
  • Spin the wheel outside of your house every 12 hours for a chance of winning coins, diamonds, or other items.
  • Pop balloons and tap on small critters outside for diamonds. Tap a critter every 10 minutes to get 1 diamond. The longer you stay outside, the more balloons and critters will appear.
  • Collect clovers to activate the frenzy bonus.
  • Sell unwanted items for coins. You will get a better deal if you exchange them at a shop that sells the same item type. You can also fish and pick up fruit to sell for coins.
  • Townies will give 1 diamond every 10 minutes (same rate as tapping critters) when you chat them.