Home Points Edit

Home Points are points are earned from decorating rooms. Home Points differ on Sets and price of items. A high amount of Home Points can earn you a position in the Happy Homes Board.

How to Earn Home Points Edit

It is mentioned that to earn Home Points, you must place a large amount of furniture with the same theme in one room. It is not specifically mentioned how many furniture items are required to get a Home Point bonus.

Ice Crystal Method Edit

Supposedly, there are also other tricks to acquiring home points, one of which is the Ice Crystal method, a method in which the player uses only a few decorations and hides a large stack of ice crystals, indicated by the glow or transparency of the crystals which can sometimes be clearly seen. The Ice Crystal method is considered not legitimate, and has fallen out of use as of the game's December 21, 2015 update.

Happy Homes Board Edit

The Happy Homes Board can be found in the cafe and is divided into 2 parts. One ranks by Global and the other ranks your personal ranking with the players you've added as friends. There is a board for iOS and a board for Android. When you change the language settings, the board also changes for each language / region.