Shops allow you to buy and sell items for coins and diamonds. Shops change inventory every 4 hours. You can also visit shops in other towns to find items not available in yours. It is also possible to express restock your shop using diamonds, which instantly restocks your shop but resets the auto-restock count.


There are currently four different shops:

  • The Furniture shop is run by Philip, and sells walls, floors, and furniture. It only stocks one wall and one floor at a time, while the other slots are used to stock furniture. The wallpaper and flooring can be previewed at the shop.
  • The Fashion Shop is run by Tira, and sells clothing, held items and shoes.
  • The Salon is run by Barnie, and sells headwear and wigs. You can use Magic Mirrors to save your appearance in exchange for coins. You can also change the appearance of your pet by asking Barnie for a makeover.
  • The Cafe is run by Maggie, and sells food. The The Happy Homes leaderboard, which ranks players with the highest Home Points, can be found here. Two random players from the leaderboard can be found in the cafe.


The price of items vary by where they are bought and sold:

  • Shops in your town sell items for 100% of their value.
  • The Catalog lets you repurchase items for 150% of their value.
  • Shops in other towns sell items for 200% of their value.
  • Shops that sell items of the same category will buy them for 40% of their value.
  • Shops that don't sell that kind of item will buy them for 35% of their value.

Diamond items can be sold only for coins.

Catalog MachineEdit

The Catalog Machine will appear in the Furniture shop, Fashion Shop, and Salon once you have three rooms in your home. It allows you to repurchase items that you've already bought. You can order up to 5 items per day, but this can be increased by paying 2 diamonds for each extra item and can be maxed up to 10 items.It takes 24 hours for your delivery to arrive. The item won't be delivered if you have no inventory space.

You can not repurchase gift items or event items from the catalog. During events, you can view the names of event items to keep track of your collection.

Tips Edit

  • During events, each shop may sell up to one event item at a time. The item will be in the slot of that category that is closest to the door.
  • Even though fish can be placed on walls, they don't count as furniture. Sell them to the Cafe to get the best price.