Thomas is a male townie. He is a bus driver who can always be found roaming near the Notice Board.

Appearance Edit

Thomas is a handsome bear with tan fur and short, straight, brown hair. He has wide cyan eyes, and a friendly smile on his face. He wears a sleeveless cyan vest over a white short-sleeved shirt, and black pants. He has a red-and-yellow striped tie, a cyan hat, and a brown shoulder bag.

Personality Edit

Thomas loves to travel on his bus, and enjoys driving pets to different towns. Thomas is kind and caring; he likes to make others happy by taking them to new places, and he frequently ensures that his passengers and fellow townies are safe.


While walking around:

  • "Safety first!"

When chatting:

  • "Seeing all the smiles when people reach their destinations fills me with great joy. Someday, I will write these stories."
  • "It's been a busy day at the station! Preparing for trips are exciting, isn't it?"
  • "Somebody's always farting around here. I wonder if it's Winnie, or Whiff?"
  • "Hey Ho...! Always check your blind spots to be safe, alright? Are you ready to take on the world?"
  • "Have you been to Maggie 's cafe for a cuppa? It's really cozy and nice in there."
  • "Lots of pets love to hang out at Maggie's cafe. It's a nice place to meet new friends!"
  • "There's always a litterbug in the bus! I suspect it might be Whiff! or is it Biskit?
  • "When I have free time to spare, I'd always visit Calvin at the wharf for a chat!"
  • "Always am grateful for Barnie 's help in maintaining my good looks!"
  • "Bubbles has to be the most jovial and happy pet in town! I admire her zest for life!"
  • "Don't think there I could find anybody more helpful than Dizzy! Such a nice boy!"
  • "My favourite mode of transportation is the bus! Beautiful sceneries along the way never fail to cheer me up!"
  • "This bus engine breakdown s puzzling! I bet Albert could help me figure out what's wrong!"


  • Tap Thomas and select "Surprise visits!" to be sent to a random player's town.
  • In the trivia minigame, there is a question that asks what Thomas's hair colour is.