Leave your house to access your town, where you can visit shops, farm, and accept quests. Mayor Mojo, Thomas, and Calvin can be found here.

Farm PlotsEdit

Farm plots are plots in front of your pet's house that where you can plant coin plants to get coins and XP plants to get XP. XP plants are unlocked after reaching a certain level. The value of a plant's harvest increases as you reach certain levels. At certain levels, more farm plots will be added.


Trees grow between buildings and produce various kinds of fruit. New trees appear and grow as you level up. To harvest fruit, tap on the tree to shake it and then pick the fallen fruit up off the ground. Fruit left on the ground will automatically stack into groups of up to 99 items before you have to pick it up to harvest more.

Red apples, green apples, bananas, mangos, and durians can be harvested from trees.

Prize WheelEdit

The prize wheel in front of your house can be spun every 12 hours. You can get coins, diamonds, or an item. Some items can only be earned from the Lucky Spin. Do not hit on the 10 coin prize.

Small CrittersEdit

Small critters appear whenever you're outside. They can be interacted with in several ways:

  • Chicks, hens, ladybugs, and butterflies will produce coins when tapped. They will give a diamond when tapped every 10 minutes.
  • Bluebirds fly across the screen and occasionally drop bird poop. If it drops on your head or hits another townie, you'll be rewarded with EXP. They will give a diamond when tapped every 10 minutes.
  • Fireflies appear at night, but cannot be interacted with.

All untapped critters will disappear if you enter a building.


Balloons will appear every few minutes in your town. You can pop a balloon to get a coin, a Common-themed furniture or ocasionally, a rare Balloon-themed furniture or fashion item. During Fever Mode, Balloons will rapidly fly in your town. Pop them to get more coins.


Clovers will randomly appear in your town. Tapping them will increase the Fever Bar. A certain amount of clovers is required to fill up the Fever Bar. You can activate Fever Mode when the Fever Bar is full.

Notice BoardEdit

Double tap on the notice board to read news on upcoming events. A chicken appears on top of the board when a new notice is posted.


  • Items dropped on the ground will stay there indefinitely. This can be useful for keeping extra walls and carpets. Though, there is a limit for placing items on the ground. Once there are too many items, you cannot place any more, so make sure to monitor how many items you are placing. *Fashion items will appear as brown bags, furniture and fish will appear as white bags, and food will appear as they are, but bigger.